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The Worst Natural Phenomenon

Park, Jae-Yul
EAP2B, Writer’s workshop
December 8, 2006
Research paper final draft

The Worst Natural Phenomenon


The topic of this paper is the worst natural phenomenon about against global warming. The main idea of this paper is to protect global warming in advance and people should know that it is potential dangerousness. Moreover, there are three solutions for protecting global warming. The first one is reforming to make laws strictly and second one is to consider developing alternative energies. The third one is reforesting our environments as soon as possible.


The worst natural phenomenon
I. Thesis: Global warming should be protected in advance.
II. Introduction:
1. Do people know what global warming is?
2. People started to concern about global warming than they used to be.
3. Thesis: Global warming should be prevented by human itself and people should realize that it is potential dangerousness in advance.
III. Background:
1. What is the global warming? è Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere.
History of global warming è Reddy (2006)
3. What is the problem? è A. Hurricane stronger
B. Glacier melt and rising see level
C. Greenhouse Effects
D. To change climate
F. Drought
G. Careless of government policy
IV. Main Argument:
1. Government policy should make to laws strictly to protect global warming.
è All things from causing air pollutions should be prohibited by strict laws.
2. Scientists should figure out alternative energy resources.
Wind power
Water power
Solar energy
People should to deliberate on reforestation.
There are some profits about reforestation..
V. Conclusion:
Refer to three reasons
We should be to protect in advance and people should know that it is potential dangerousness

The Worst Natural Phenomenon

Have you ever realized that the weather is warmer than before? As time passes by, I have felt that temperature goes up. Whenever I have felt it, I worry about our environment. Is it still ok? Certainly not, it is something to wrong since our environment has been changed. Nowadays, we call this phenomenon global warming. Actually, this problem came from human activities. Being advanced in the civilization, we started to use fossil resources. Burning fossil resources turn into carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. Moreover, these gases are starting to destroy the ozone slowly and make a huge hole. As the ozone layer reduced, global temperature is going up because ozone can not cut heating from the sun. UV radiation goes through directly as far as on Earth’s face. It disturbs circulation of the earth so it causes and leads to many problems. Changing climates from global warming leads to disasters. According to Reddy (2006) “Eisner [weather caster] compared hurricane intensities over the past 50 years to two factors: average global near-surface air temperatures and Atlantic sea-surface temperatures. He found that hurricane-season air temperatures helped predict sea-surface temperatures but not vice versa.” Global warming helps hurricanes strong. Global warming also causes glacier melting leads to rising sea level directly. Young (2006) claims “Small as this additional amount of solar energy may seem, study of past climate change indicates that the climate should warm between one-half and one degree Celsius for every additional W/m². In other words, the Earth is likely to warm by 0.5-1.0 degree C with current greenhouse gas levels, and by more as they continue to increase” (para.7). Moreover, in “Greenhouse Effects” the author from TIME explains that vanishing animals, drought, and earlier spring are from global warming. To change climate affects animals and plants. Some species extinct from changing climate affect other species. Furthermore, rising temperature and desertification cause repercussions to agriculture.

In other hand, other reasons are government policy. In “Where to Start” the author discuses “The sheer number of scientists, economists, businesspeople and policymakers working on climate change endows it with a kind of blitz spirit. Surely, given so much will and enthusiasm, we can defeat this threat? Yet the projections are not encouraging …. Depending on population changes, economic growth and political will, this could be adjusted to somewhere between 540ppm and 970ppm. The prospect of anything much above 550ppm makes scientists nervous” (2006, pp.2). Government always concentrates in money for economic growth and national strength so they really don’t care. Due to these reasons, we have to consider about our environment. There are three solutions which are to reform, replace, and reforest about protecting global warming in advance. The first solution is to make strict laws about preventing global warming in advance. The second solution is to find or search to replace alternative energy resources. The third solution is to reforest our nature.

First, government policy should make a reformation about laws to protect against global warming. As developed civilizations, the number of cars is increasing. In addition, for example, as a leisure sport, people want to renovate their car engine. People don’t care about car emission. Therefore, government policy should design strict law about car emission to protect air pollution because air pollution causes global warming. In “The California Law: High-Stakes on Emissions.” Motavali explains “In 2004, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved regulations that would result in a dramatic 22 percent reduction in global warming emissions from vehicles by 2012, and a 30 percent reduction by 2016 …. States have the option of following California's tough standards or the feds' relaxed ones, and an increasing number of legislatures are siding with Sacramento” (2006, para.2). It shows that laws help to protect air pollution. There is one more benefit of law. Auto companies must make their vehicle more fuel efficient and consider about how to reduce car emissions. Furthermore government should ban about logging trees illegally because loggers who are poaching trees don’t care penalties because of small fines. Therefore, in society, we need strict environment laws to protect global warming in advance.

Second, scientists should figure out to replace alternative energies and renewable resources. It is urgent because our limited resources are getting depleted so we have to find something else. Michael (2005) discusses “On the plus side, both wind and solar can provide what’s called distributed energy: They can make power on a small scale near the user. You can’t have a private coal plant, but you can have your own windmill, with batteries for clam days. The more houses or communities make their own wind power, the smaller and cheaper central power plants and transmission lines can be” (para.40). Using wind power, solar energy, and water power are solutions to protect against global warming. Fortunately, these alternative energies do not causes ant kind of pollutions. Wind power is renewable and contributes to green houses gas mitigation because it helps to remove energy directly from the atmosphere without producing emissions from greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Moreover, renewable recourses also can help to protect it. In “Growing Number of States Requiring Alternative Energy” Kenworthy (2006) claims “Renewable energy is gathering steam in several states as voters and governors push electric utilities to generate a set percentage of electricity from clean sources such as wind and solar power” (para.1). We can save unlimited resources by means of using renewable energies. Wind power, water power, solar radiations are alternative and renewable energies. Furthermore all people should use these energies as soon as possible.

Last, now, people have to replant our environment. People waste too many resources because people do not know that wasting resource is serious problem which is pollution at that time. Especially, tropical forests should be recovered because it composes to 50% in the world, and it is important to purify air and circulate ecosystems. For example, Amazon rainforest was already cut by human activities. As result, it leads to global warming because forest was helping to cool earth. According to this article “Illegal Farmers in Forest Reserves to Be Made to Replant Trees” the author says “The decision [to cultivate vegetables ] to make them replant the trees is the best way to solve the encroachment of forest reserves in the state” (2006,para.6). So, reforestation is the good way for recovering our value nature. For example, in South Korea, there is one day that people go to mountain and replant trees and flowers. These method helps to recover our land which was contaminated by pollution. Therefore, we should consider to a significant environments.

In conclusion, today, people only concentrate in economic growth and national strength. Due to these reasons, people don’t care our nature. That’s why our environment heart. Reforming to strict make environmental laws, developing alternative resources, and reforesting environment will help to protect against global warming in advance. We should consider the seriousness of the global warming and people should know that it is potential dangerousness. From now on, we should love and consider our environment.


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Junk Food’s Companies Still Advertise

Name: Park, Jae-Yul
Date: 12/04/06
Class: writer’s work ship
Argument final draft

“Junk Food’s Companies Still Advertise”

During weekend, children usually watch TV programs. Mostly, they watch cartoon shows. Before starting cartoons, for waiting programs to watch, children touch with food’s advertisements. However, advertisements cause children to buy their product or foods for profits. Furthermore, it also affects children’s health badly. Simon (2005) discusses “Any parent who goes grocery shopping with young children in tow will tell you it can be quite a challenge, enduring endless battles over fat- and sugar-laden food products adorned with the latest Disney movie character. But what used to be mainly a private matter has now become a full-blown public debate over the role the food industry plays in children’s health” (para.1). The chief of McDonald designs Happy Meal which replaces high calories foods, but it doesn’t work for healthy food. It still is junk food and unhealthy food because junk food is made by chemical element. Moreover, it also is additional. Next, Junk food causes children’s health problems such as obesity. Last, it is no nutrition. Children are exposed by food advertisements because food companies don’t care about children’s health. Furthermore, they are aiming toward to get in element for money (Simon, 2005, para. 6). Junk food companies should stop to advertise their food to children and they must consider children’s health.

Junk foods are made by chemical elements for fast serving because natural foods need more time to make. Fast serving is good for children because it helps save times, but main the problem is that they use chemical and unnatural materials. George (2005) insists “junk-food from manufacturers is offering all of the fat, sugar, chemicals and carbohydrates that make junk food taste great” (para.6). Using chemicals for taste affects children’s nerves and behavior. Children become sensitive and impatient. Moreover, these chemical junk food’s advertisements are addition so children more want it than before. However, we usually eat it anytime despite it is bad.

Next, junk food causes serious children’s health problems. In “Junk Food Raises Teen’s Risk of Heart Disease,” Cohen (2000) explains that teens had increased heart disease risk factor from junk food and it leads to high blood pressure and thickness of artery wall. Furthermore, Junk food leads to high cholesterols and high blood pressure. Besides, the most serious problem is obesity. Most young generations suffer from obesity. Obesity also causes heart disease although junk food companies still are in the school. The companies should leave as soon as possible for young generation’s heath.

Last, junk food doesn’t have vitamins. Vitamin’s function is to protect virus and support nutrition into human body. Actually, most parents cook food to think their children’s health so they deliberate which one is good or not, but junk food’s companies only concentrate in how to success in the marketing. Therefore, they don’t consider about children’s health. Furthermore, junk foods don’t have nutrition, but junk food’s companies still advertise that its foods have nutrition, it is not true. Eating junk food is not good for children’s health.

In conclusion, as time passed, junk food’s stores are increasing despite people know that it is unhealthy food , and , people ,as possible as, try to escape to eat junk food, but people are so busy during lunch time or in the morning. Junk foods still are made by chemicals and it causes health problems. Moreover, unfortunately, it doesn’t have vitamins. Nowadays, junk food’s companies realize that people know that junk food is bad. However, they advise that junk food will be changed by healthy food, but it is not true the healthy foods in the junk food’s companies still made unhealthy food. The best way is that do not try to eat fast food despite it tastes good and advertise well. Furthermore, parents have to take care of their children from junk food’s advertisements. So, Junk food’s companies have to stop to advertise to children.


Simon. M. (2005, March to April). Junk Food’s Health Crusade. Multinational Monitor, (26). Retrieved November 12, 2006, from

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New Five, New Month -EAP1B(Jessica's class)#1

New Five, New Month

1) This is the 1st of September, what do you want to accomplish by the 31st?

In my case, I want to study at SIUC. That’s why I really want to pass EAP1 course as soon as possible without repeating class. I know it is a little bit harder than AE2. I will do my best for get my goal.

2) What does September make you think about or feel?

As you know, the fall is coming soon, It is awesome weather and I love it because it makes me feels better.

3) September is the ninth month; can you name nine memories so far from this year?

My birthday, my father’s birthday, my mother’s birthday, the day when I was disappointed in love, the day when I arrived SIUC first time, the day when I visited the New-York City, the day when I lost credit card first time, and the day when I visited Boracay which is the best beach in the Asia, the day when I had between summer and fall vacation.

4) What does September have in common with three other months and can you name them?

October, November, December.

5) The first weekend in September signals the end of summer for many even though it doesn’t really end for weeks. When does summer end for you?

The summer exactly will be gone on October. I know when summer will be gone when I feel alone or want to get girlfriend.

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Weblog Assignment #4

The site I saw is "USA has highest incarceration rate". This site deals with US incarceration problems, particularly in regard to racial minorities and disadvantaged ex-felons. That problems caused drug-related crimes.

Roughly, ex-felons who are racial minorities got angry at the US government, because the US government doesn't give them a chance. Even enfranchisement for ex-felons also is not fair. That's why they commited crime again and came back to prison. The US government has to change their system and they try to fix the problems for making a safe society. People really desire that.

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Weblog Assignment #3

In "Murder rates in states with and with without death penalty", generally, murder rates are getting decresing. Murder rates in non-death penalty states are even lower than in death penalty states.

As time passes by,people's thinkings are getting changed. They know what is wrong or not and they also want to make peace. This is because most American parents want their children to be protected from comitted crime in advance. But even now, however, the people who reside in death penalty states commit more crime than the others who reside in non-death penalty states. Probably, the strict law makes them angry.And they are against the law of the goverment.

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Weblog Assignment #2

Hello, I will talk about this web-site which is "Freakonomics author(stephen Levitt)" blog. This web-site deals with about price discrimination. One of the famous hotel companies generated that problem, which is about charging for using of wireless internet connection costs diffrently.

Let's talk about this problem. Actually, these problem is deviant and illegal. But this web-site doesn't refer to the person who is VIP or not.Anyway, I nerver understand that situation because this hotel, which has a high five-star ranking, is a very famous company. Honestly, I don't like it because we live in a society which has the principle of equality. That's why we never allow the discrimination nowadays. I mean, yeah~! I want everybody to have the same opportunity to get the same quality.

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Weblog Assignment #1

Hello, I will introduce about my job.I use this web-site which is".My job is a kind of police officer who arrests murderers like a killer.It takes so much time to arrest killers.Most detective police spend time for investigating to find the murderer and these jobs are also very dangerous.

I am going to tell you about my opinion.Most murderers kill the person who is very close,like their best friends,families or even their children.Sometimes they kill the person who they kill very violently.According to this web-site,most killers have mental disease.Maybe when they were a child,they were shocked from an accident.So I don't want violence.I hope to a protect myself from murder perfectly.

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How do you think about Jaywalking? Jaywalking is across the street with breaking the law.

This is not illegal but most people don't do that because it is devience .

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